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Extensive coverage of the curriculum for KS1 Maths

Bring KS1 Maths to life with innovative and engaging lessons! With a complete range of stimulating activities, Boardworks KS1 Maths is a comprehensive resource for years 1 and 2. With 57 activities available, it’s easy to deliver key concepts, for example with this fun and attention-grabbing activity for ordering numbers.

  • KS1 Maths consists of a range of tools and activities for use as a whole class teaching resource and for individual or group use.
  • Based on the renewed Primary Framework for Literacy and Mathematics, each activity grabs the children’s attention and reinforces learning.

Well-organised resources for whatever you’re teaching

Each strand contains a wealth of activities arranged in easy-to-navigate sections, using the framework navigation shown below. Designed to make selecting the right activity really straightforward, the menu gives you everything you need in logically ordered sections, with all the resources in one easily accessible place.

  • Clear teacher’s notes list the key objectives covered by each activity to help you select the right material.
  • Because everything is covered, if you want to teach place value, properties of shapes, and time, there’s no need to switch between different maths software – it’s all part of the same resource.

Time saving and ready-to-teach

Boardworks lessons are fully prepared and contain a wide variety of resources, saving you and your colleagues valuable preparation time. All the activities are ideal for dipping into, such as this activity which generates a random number of objects, at the touch of a button, for counting and sorting activities.

  • A wide range of activities develop the skills pupils need to be numerate.
  • Use the varied activities as you wish, whether as a maths starter, plenary or to teach key maths concepts to individuals, groups or the whole class.

Inspiringly interactive

Embrace the potential of your whiteboard and explore KS1 Maths in a unique and stimulating way. Packed with attractive and clear activities, Boardworks engages the children and reinforces their learning. This activity allows teachers to check children’s knowledge by asking them to identify common 3D shapes and their properties.

  • Lessons come alive with engaging animated characters who lead children through fun, visually appealing activities.
  • The pen, calculator, protractor and ruler tools are available at all times for annotating screens.

A wealth of exciting ideas

The wealth of material enables you to use exciting mathematical tools and teach the KS1 Maths curriculum with great variety. Whether it’s completing the challenge of moving birds in the Birds patterns activity or discovering how many shapes can be made in the Tangrams activity, you and the class will enjoy KS1 Maths.

  • Using the Birds patterns activity, children are encouraged to predict the next bird in the sequence and complete patterns.
  • Several open-ended tools are also included, like the function machine activity, which let you set problem solving and investigation challenges.

Easy-to-use, flexible resources

KS1 Maths is flexible and really easy to use, with help available at any point. All the activities are ideal for dipping into, whether for whole-class number work or group and individual problem solving. You’re in complete control of how you use the resources.

  • Need an introductory activity, a group activity and a plenary for your maths work? Don’t worry, all these and more are available all in one handy place in KS1 Maths.
  • Designed to enable pupils to progressively and comprehensively build their understanding of maths. Different levels of difficulty allow you to choose the correct level for your children and provide progression, all within the same piece of software

Additional teaching support

Boardworks presentations are complemented by numerous additional resources to enhance your teaching in a multitude of ways. Downloadable teacher’s notes are available throughout making it easy to find and select the material you want to teach.

  • Help is available at all times, whether as quick reference guides, or more comprehensive downloadable PDFs.
  • Detailed teacher’s notes accompany the product, offering extensive additional support for lessons, innovative ideas for using the resources and suggestions for extension activities.

Engaging summary material

Because the activities in KS1 Maths are so flexible, you have access to a great range of activities which can be used to consolidate learning and round up each session, such as in this activity, where children have to create number chains. Whatever your teaching style, Boardworks resources contain everything you need to comprehensively cover a topic from start to finish.

  • Fun and exciting games grab children’s attention and reinforce what they have learnt.
  • It’s so easy to use, it’s simple to find the right activity, whatever you are teaching.